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Fried Red Tomatoes: Part 2

15 Oct

seersucker brooklynAs a follow-up to my post from last month where I tried my hand at making fried “red” tomatoes, D and I went to dinner at Seersucker in Brooklyn to test out their fried green tomatoes.  The chef must have known that I was coming to do a taste test between my fried red tomatoes and their speciality, because they weren’t offering fried green tomatoes on the menu that night!  Not to fear though – the trek to Brooklyn was more than worth it for the other savory, delicious Southern comfort foods we tried out.

seersucker brooklynSome of our favorites included deviled eggs, the box of biscuits, house-made potato chips with pimento cheese dip, and the fried chicken.  The deviled egg filling was the perfect creamy consistency and was topped with dill, which is a unique alternative to paprika, the normal deviled egg garnish.  The house-made potato chips were crispy and not too salty and went well with the pimento cheese dip, which was again the perfect consistency and had just the right kick to it.  (They must have an awesome food processor/blender in the kitchen – I wonder what brand it is…!)  The fried chicken was crispy and juicy and came with a generous serving of mashed potatoes.  The portion was HUGE (we split it) and we were stuffed!

In addition to our faves, we also tried the hoppin’ john, collard greens and mac ‘n’ cheese, which were all OK, but not worth a trip out of Manhattan.  Specifically, I should note that Seersucker’s hoppin’ john is not like traditional Southern preparations that I am accustomed to – it was very light on black eyed peas and also contained quite a bit of cheese.  It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t what I had in mind.

For dessert, they were sold out of the cobbler of the day, so we finished with a root beer float.  It was a light, refreshing end to our meal.  We will definitely be back!  Hopefully next time the chef will be serving fried green tomatoes so I can challenge him to a cook off! 🙂